Missed My Pomodoros

So I only got two pomodoros today. My normal goal is 8, which is two sets of 4 pomorodors. That’s about 4 hours of solid work. Well, I missed my goal today.

I guess I have to count that as Resistance winning today. The only choice is to come back fighting tomorrow. Resistance won today. I will win tomorrow. (By the way, I have also won every other day since I started!)

Interesting Features

I had terrific distractions today. I had a crown put on this morning at 8. I finished just before 9 and was waiting for Micro Center to open. I needed a PWM fan controller. They didin’t open for another hour at 10am. So I drove back home. I was very tired, so I went back to bed.

I think that’s where I might have gone wrong.

Last night I had a hard time sleeping. I kept waking up. Lots of heartburn. Perhaps I should have just gutted through my pomodoros then. Whether I was rested or not. Is that what a professional would do?

What happens when you miss sleep or miss something fundamental like that? Seems to me you try to get what you need so you can do what you need to do. I think I just got distracted again.

Another Computer

I had another distraction in that I had mostly built another computer yesterday. While rumaging around on my kitchen table, I found an extra PWM fan controller in a box of PC parts I had. I could then proceed with the rest of my PC build! So I did. That was yet another distraction that could easily have been forestalled until after I did all my pomodoros.

Delayed gratification. I should have tried that today.

Anyway, the new computer works. It looks good. I also found another PCIE wifi card that is 802.11ac, so it’s pretty speedy. Cool. It also works with Linux.

But I didn’t have another place to put a computer. So another thing I ordered from Amazon arrived today. It is a KVM switch. So I can multiplex multple computers through the same keyboard, mouse and monitor. I got three boxes running on it tonight. All except the Hackintosh. It doesn’t work with the mouse for some reason. Not sure why.

Pro or Amateur?

But again, this all could have been delayed until after I did my pomodoros.

So what kind of person do I want to be? A Pro, who can delay gratification in order to be professional? Or an amateur, who can only work when he feels like it?

I want to be a Pro. Keep it simple. I was an amateur today. Tomorrow I will be a Pro.