So this is my first blog entry on the local Jekyll server. I’ve got line wrap enabled, so I don’t know how that will workout. Not sure if line wrap is supposed to be turned off. No idea. I guess I’ll find out!

I just installed Ruby 2.4 and Jekyll on Pumpkin here. Pumpkin runs OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, the latest and greatest. I’m listening to Spotify in the background. I’m typing on a Cooler Master 87-key small keyboard. It’s 10-keyless and fits in the space I have very nicely. What I love is the Cherry MX Blue keys. Just the right amount of feedback and resistence.

I’m using a recent (the latest I think) version of Sublime Text. Of course, it recognizes markdown language right away. Very smart editor.

Question: how do I import pictures here? I’m not very fluent in markdown. It can’t be very difficult; there’s got to be a cheatsheet around somewhere.

I can see this is going to take some practice! That’s fine.