Still More on Turning Pro

I just wrote a teensy weensy shell script function (in my .bashrc) that starts this blog post. Cool. Well, I’m a programmer, remember? A WPP! (Writer, Programmer, Philosopher!)

Unfortunately, my video conference starts in about 30 minutes, so I don’t have much time here. I’m still in my underwear this morning! But it’s important to write every day. Or close to every day. To get real “lunch bucket” about it. Nothing fancy, just do the work. Don’t worry about art. Just shut up and show up and get to work.

Okay, today I’ll be working on fleshing out answers for the quiz questions and also figuring out the user authentication. Starting to get that working.

By the way, Good work to me on getting that script working!

Okay I’m Back!

This is my github blog now. Oh, and I’m back at work today. It’s about 7:00pm. I just got jekyll going on my Fedora box (peanut), and my github blog should track this repo just fine. We’ll see. Not sure I have the directory structure correct, but we’ll see.

I just created a small shell script function in my .bashrc for creating blog posts. I think that will come in handy. Now I just have to figure out what theme I like best. Jekyll has lots of them apparently. More on that later.

About Pumpkin and Peanut…

Okay, I have lots of computers. I guess you could say I have a slight PC building addiction. There. I own it now. Anyway, I first built this blog on Pumpkin, and then I copied all the posts over to the posts folder of this repo. So there’s still stuff leftover from the first repo that was auto-generated, and then auto-generated again on this repo. Perhaps I’ll clean that up later. But for now it stays.

About Themes…

Another thing I want to work on is themes. I’d like to get this site looking rather sharpish. Minima isn’t bad for a start. I think I can do better.